With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some small way, if only in one small corner of the world, amongst the men and women I love, then I shall count myself blessed, and blessed, and blessed, and the work goes on. -- William Morris

Monday, July 28, 2008

Theology and Childhood

What does it mean to be a child in Christ's sense? Is it not a simple and total confidence in the Father? Does it not include the faithful abandon and freedom of a pure imagination--pure receptivity and creativity--placed in the service of the Lord? The honesty and righteousness of a pure child. "Unless you become like one of these little ones, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven." The recovery of wonder, innocence, beauty, imagination, deep curiosity, love for truth and goodness, littleness... All of these are dimensions wrapped up in a "theology of childhood" meant to be lived but so often forgotten in the face of pressures, deadlines, anxieties, failures, and sins. Lord Jesus, You want us to have the heart of a child. You want us to strive after this heart in response to the gift of Your own Heart. "Create in me a clean heart, O Lord..."

Can theology be a science of integrity without this constant striving after the heart of a child?

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