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Friday, December 08, 2006

G.K. Chesterton Quote

Because my fellow bloggers and I have been occupied of late, the blog has been rather silent. This might happen throughout the life of the blog.

While I might prefer other means to keep the place active, nonetheless I thought something I could do, or at least try out to see if it works well, is to post an interesting quote on the blog once a week, and see what kinds of dialogue and discussion it could produce. This time, I am writing a bit of commentary to the quote; in the future, such will not always be the case.

This week, we will have for our first quote a text from G.K. Chesterton's Utopia of the Usurers, and one I find highly appropriate as a response to the sad news out of Australia this week, where therapeutic cloning has now been legalized.

In prophetic discernment, G.K. Chesterton stated:

"The key fact in the new development of plutocracy is that it will use its own blunder as an excuse for further crimes. Everywhere the very completeness of the impoverishment will be made a reason for the enslavement; though the men who impoverished were the same who enslaved. It is as if a highwayman not only took away a gentleman's horse and all his money, but then handed him over to the police for tramping without visible means of subsistence. And the most monstrous feature in this enormous meanness may be noted in the plutocratic appeal to science, or, rather, to the pseudo-science that they call Eugenics."

Alas, for the love of money we will create life; for the love of money we will destroy life. For the love of money we will say that destroying a large amount of life helps life; because after all, the dead do not speak. Only the most perverted of minds can feel it is moral to have an "improvement of life" for a few who speak at the expense of-- and the skulls of-- the many.

While the eugenics of the past was based upon treating humans as breeding stock and allowing only some groups to breed (those who were judged to have the best genes), the new eugenics seeks to create such breeding programs on a massive scale, only to kill those whom they create. They need those with bad genes to live, while the good to die; so that those who hold the good can and will sustain the life of a depraved, parasitical diseased lot.

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