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Monday, June 11, 2007

Personal Library

Today, I am going to write a post which, for me, is quite unusual. I am going to write about my personal library, the program I currently use to catalog them, and suggest others to do something similar. But things will return to normal here soon.

On the side of the blog, if you have been astute, you will note I've added a link to a website where I list the books which are contained within my personal collection of books. It's not complete, and it might never be. I am constantly buying new books and I have stragglers which I keep forgetting to add. However, it is a fair representation of what I read. Currently (as of June 11, 2007), the domain where I placed my records has down, due to hackers attacking it. If it does not come back up, I will find a new place to host my records.

I would like to suggest anyone who collects books such as I to find a program like the one I use (Book Collector) to record what it is they own. The program I use is very easy to use, when adding to the books within your library, all you have to do is input either the ISBN, the author, or the title of the books, and it will search for the book and will fill out much of the data for you. I know many use Library Thing and it is another option for people interested in cataloging their books, though it does not record things the same way, and it does not give you all the options of Book Collector. By using it, I found out how much my book collection is worth. I was shocked when it came to the total -- many of the books I own have gone up drastically in price, and not down as one would expect with used books!

This is also a good way to keep track of what you own if you want to insure your book collection. More importantly, it can allow others to know what it is you own, and if they take the time, it can tell them something about you and your interests (as long as they don't believe all the books you own indicates your approval or agreement with what is inside them!). Try it out, and if the link works, look at the books I own. Some might surprise you, some might even shock you, but if so, just ask and I might be able to explain why they are there!



  • At 6/11/2007 7:02 PM, Blogger D. W. McClain said…

    I'll have to check out book collector. I've been using Delicious Library as it syncs to amazon and let's you use a bar code reader to scan the books' barcodes. It also works with movies and cds. on the mac, the isight works as the reader, so it's convenient enough for us mac users.


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